08 March 2009

Intermission: Tagged by the Seventh Son of a Sixth Screenshot?

Man, there sure has been a lot of not-story posts going on here lately. What's up with that? Someone needs to smack that writer-guy over the head and tell him to get to work and quit slacking off with things like memes. Of course, when he gets tagged, there's nothing he can do but meme away and do what the meme tells him.

Today's memetag comes courtesy of Billy Wallace (i c wut u did thar) of Casual Tank, which is quite the enjoyable read. Check it out, won't you? Here we are tasked to display the sixth screenshot in our sixth folder (no, I didn't just descend into the royal 'we', nor am I emulating the inimitable BRK, I say we meaning those tagged by the meme, sheesh!)

Note to self: don't write posts after staying up for almost 36 hours trying to get your priest alt just one. More. Level. It doesn't go well. Although it goes give you the ability to shout "TONIGHT, WE DINE IN NORTHREND!" for no apparent reason.

Addendum to note to self: stream of consciousness writing never turns out well. Stop it.

Right, where was I? Oh, yeah, the meme.

So, since I only have one screenshot folder, I'm just posting every sixth screenshot and seeing what spews forth. So with no further ado...

Here we have the altar in C'Thun's chamber after a bunch of my guildies and I got really drunk and decided to go knock over some old instances. Achievements, you understand. I still have C'Thun's heart in my bag. It's gotta be starting to smell. Bonus points if you can pick me out of the crowd.
Hooray for the guild first kill of Thaddius on 25-man! This shitebird gave us no end of trouble for weeks. Note the nelf pimpette in the foreground. No, that's not me, I just wanted to draw your attention to her.
Here we have my (pre-Titan's Grope) fury warrior alt doing his impression of a Spartan. That's right, I was fury before fury was cool. Also, THIS! IS! SHATTRATH!
Okay, screw this, I just realised how many screenshots I have. Good christ, I fat finger that button a lot. I should faceroll less. So, in the tradition of the Daily Show, I leave you with this moment of zen, in which my hunter learns that Kara=srsbzns.

Karazhan is serious business.


Gauntlet said...

Is this where we come to request more story? If so, let me throw my vote in. ;)

Khol Drake said...

No, this is where to come to guilt me into finishing the chapter I already have 80% done...



Misneach said...

/target Khol
/cast Guilt


Gauntlet said...