19 December 2009

Intermission: Friday 5(00): Letters from the Front

The inimitable Anna of Too Many Annas made the suggestion last week of writing a letter from the front lines of the war against the Lich King. As I have a hard time passing these up, what follows is a letter from the shadow priest Iriandra Trellen to her sister Merridwen.

Dear Merri,

I hope this letter finds you safe and warm in the Exodar, Light knows we’ve precious little of both here in the frigid north. Highlord Fordring’s tournament seems to be wrapping up as the preparations for the march on Icecrown Citadel itself progress. The forces to make the assault have been chosen and I am proud to say that I am among them. I have worked hard these last weeks to prove my skill both as a lancer and as a priestess. Know that even if I fall in battle, I will have brought great honour to our family. Perhaps even enough to undo the shame I brought when I chose the path of the shadow over the Light. At least you understood why I had to choose, even if mother and father did not.

We thought Azeroth cold when we first came here, but I had no idea what cold was until I first set hoof onto Northrend. If I ever leave this Light-forsaken land, I fear I will never be warm again! My comrades in Polaris Company often tease me because of the way I look with the thick furs I layer underneath my robes to keep warm. Sometimes I wish I had been chosen for the path of the vindicator, like Morrigandra was, if only so I would have that thick metal armour to stop the wind! Although, Jynx, our commander, tells me his armour is much colder than my robes are.

I’m told our unit will be part of the initial attack on the citadel and then will be rotated out with other units that are still at full strength for the first push into the citadel proper. I can’t say that I am happy about that. Dear sister, after all I have seen in this frozen wasteland, I am ashamed to admit that my heart hungers for battle and I am eager to fight and kill the Lich King and all his followers until their black blood flows from my claws. You would not believe the horrors this Arthas has visited upon his own people and upon all the people of this world. The horrors of the Wrathgate, which I have told you about before, are but a small example of his disdain for the Light and all life. I have faith in the Light that we will be triumphant, that Highlord Fordring will lead the brave souls of the Argent Crusade, Silver Covenant, the Horde, Alliance and even the death knights of the Ebon Blade to victory. I just wish I could be there to finally end Arthas’ filth once and for all.

The clarion for assembly was just sounded. I go now to battle, dear sister, pray for me and us all. Should I survive the next few days, I will write again.

In the name of the Light,

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